i placed my order, now what?
- uneekee sends the art files and the ship to information to its manufacturing partner and you should receive your shipping notification within 5 days.  usually we ship in about 48 hours, but we allow time in case we need to reprint or re-cut/sew
can i return the item?
- uneekee doesn't want you to keep something that is defective and will refund 100% of the goods for any print/manufacturing defect.  for items that aren't what you imagined, contact us and we'll work out something.
can i change my order?
- unfortunately, once you place the order it goes into a fully automated process and changes are not accepted.  we may be able to change shipping addresses if you contact us within an hour of placing your order.  
other questions not addressed here?
- email info@uneekee.com and we'll do our best to get right back to you!